Ways to Fix Your Microsoft Outlook When It Stuck

Outlook is indeed one of the most convenient email services out there. And no wonder that it is popular too. However, you can still find many users complaining of getting stuck while processing. This can be a real frustration. However, unless there is no serious internal error, you can try some simple steps to avoid freezing when starting up. These hacks would work for almost all versions of Outlook 2010 and 2013.

Start the System in the Safe Mode

Certain tools can help to fix PC issues, including Outlook errors. Even if they fail to work, then consider starting it in the safe mode. If you start Outlook in safe mode, you can find it easier to locate the possible reasons for system errors. To try this, click the Windows key + R. This will open the Windows Run dialog. Next, type Outlook.exe/safe. Next, click the “enter” button. If Outlook starts operating by doing this, the problem will likely be in the add-ins. Under such circumstances, you can consider disabling all add-ins. Doing so lets you restart Outlook normally and check if the problem gets fixed.

Turning the Outlook Add-ins off

Often, conflicting add-ins hinder Outlook from responding in the right way. To mitigate this problem and ensure a smoother start, locate the compatibility problems and fix them accordingly. You can disable or remove the undesired add-ins by using simple steps. For example, close the normal Outlook platform and open it through the “Safe Mode.” The. Go to the “File” sections and then “Options” on the menu, which lies in the menu section on the left. Going there, choose the “manage” menu from the drop-down. From there, choose the “COM” add-in. Next, click “Go”. From there, create a new outlook profile.

On Creating Your New Profile

Often, an impaired Outlook Profile leads to start-up issues. You can take care of the problem simply by replacing the present profile with a new one. To make it, premier helping sites like WindowsFixHub.com suggest closing Outlook altogether. Next, open the “Search” window. To make it, press “window + S” keys. Now, type the “control panel” to open it. Select “User Accounts” and then “Mail” and “Show Profiles.” Enter a new profile name on the show profile button, and click “OK.”

To complete the procedure, you must stick to the directions onscreen. You have to go back to the mail option and display profiles. You must then select the “Prompt for a profile to be used” option. Next, you can re-launch Outlook and start working on the fresh profile. If the new profile does not open, then you can remove the old profile completely.

Upgrading Your Windows and Microsoft

There are times when Outlook stops working if you use an outdated version. To make it, you can launch just about any program of Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel. Select the office logo, which is on the upper-left section of the screen. Alternatively, choose another menu, “File.” You would get different options from the list. From this, you have to choose either Office Account or Account. Next, click on the update options to browse and install updates. Select the “update now” option. You must follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure. You can find more free hacks and troubleshooting tips on authentic sites like WindowsFixHub.com, Which serious professionals maintain.