3 Considerable Disadvantages of Hosting a Website for Free

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Developing a site is now a compulsory task to thrive in this internet era. Regardless of the business or job you do, having a website always gives you an edge over others. This is the reason plenty of companies is coming into the digital world to increase their revenues. Even creating a site is now easier than ever before. There is plenty of content management system that allows you to make your site without any technical hurdles. 

However, when launching a site online, you must need to connect with the right hosting provider. Many companies prefer dedicated server hosting for a secure, fast, and reliable connection. At the same time, many beginners think about hosting their website for free. While hosting a website for free is always tempting, but also has plenty of side effects. 

This is the reason almost every big or small site is using whether local or international hosting. If the free hosting was a legit way, then almost everyone has already used it. Therefore, today’s blog will shed light on the disadvantages of hosting a website for free. So let’s get started. 

Disadvantages of Hosting a Website for Free 

Hosting a website is the need of time. You cannot make your site visible to your audience without using a host server. Here, many people think about going with free WordPress or Bloggers platform to avail themselves of the opportunity to host for free. While it is a good choice, but when it comes to representing yourself or your company as a brand, you always need to find a sustainable hosting solution. 

At such a stage, many companies start offering free hosting for your site. You may think to get started with any of those companies and launch your site online. But there are plenty of disadvantages of hosting a website for free. But what are the disadvantages? Let’s continue reading this blog to know more. 

  1. Extremely Slow Speed 

At first, you enjoy the free hosting, but soon after you start uploading data, heavy image files, and other documents, you start facing low-speed issues. The extremely slow speed is consistent in free hosting, regardless of which free hosting company is providing you. Thus, the purpose of registering yourself online gets affected and never lets you thrive in the digital world. 

  1. No Unique Web Address 

The links that you see in the search bar, such as bkwrites.com, google.com, etc., have a unique yet professional name. But when it comes to hosting a website for free, you get the name of the hosting company before your website link. For instance, if you use WordPress, then the link will appear like this xyzcompany.wordpress.com. 

This will ultimately represent that you have never purchased the hosting and using it for free. But what is the disadvantage? The main disadvantage here is that you can’t represent your brand name that ultimately affects your entire reputation. 

  1. Your Website is Not Yours 

It is true that the hosting you take for free is never ideally yours. Your hosting provider has all rights to vanish your entire space, remove content, or even delete your files whenever he wants. Thus this opens plenty of vulnerabilities and keeps your website at stake all the time. This is the biggest disadvantage of hosting a website for free. Unless you buy a hosting plan, your site remains vulnerable all the time. Therefore, this is the most common disadvantage that you need to know when using free hosting for your site.