Shop for gaming monitors like a pro with these tips!

Your gaming setup is critical to your eventual experience, and one of the key things you will buy is a gaming monitor. There are all sorts of gaming monitors in the market, depending on your budget and expected features. For example, check for Primecables 4K gaming monitor, which retails for less than $400. We have a few tips below on how you can find the perfect choice for your gaming needs. 

  1. Start with display resolution. The picture quality and gaming experience depend largely on the display resolution of the monitor. While Full HD monitors are cheaper, you should be looking for a UHD/4K monitor, with resolution of 2160p. 
  2. Do check the refresh rate. For the uninitiated, refresh rate is the number of times the monitor can refresh the image on screen per second. At the least, you need a refresh rate of 60Hz, while monitors with refresh rate of 240Hz are great but can cost a lot more. 
  3. Choose the right panel type. IPS (in-plane switching) panels are great when it comes to visual experience and have better viewing angles. On the other hand, TN (twisted nematic) panels are great with regards to response time. 
  4. Screen size is also important. The concept of ‘bigger screen is better’ doesn’t work for gaming monitors. While gaming, you would want to catch up with everything that’s happening on the screen. In other words, a huge screen is not desirable. Even if you are a fan of big monitors, don’t think beyond 28-inch screens. 
  5. Budget is critical. Like we mentioned before, your choice of gaming monitor also depends on the budget. At the least, expect to spend at least $350 or more on a decent monitor, although some screens can cost a lot more, depending on the panel type and resolution. 

Go online

If you want to grab the best deals on gaming monitors, consider checking online stores. Some of the websites have insane deep discounts, and you can expect to find better specifications for the right price. The ideal gaming monitor should come with warranty of at least one year, and you should be able to connect the monitor to the console you own. 

Think of gaming monitors as an investment, and therefore, something that has a better display and higher refresh rate is always worth paying for. Check online now to find the best gaming monitors in your budget.