5 Stunning Reasons That Modernizing IBM I Legacy Languages Is So Beneficial

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When it comes to modernizing IBM I applications, the prospects of doing so cannot be ignored. The best ones are given below.

  • Modernization increases efficiency since all documents are sequentially arranged in the databases
  • Modernization reduces production cost because the detailed project report can be timely shared with everyone involved to ensure that the production process is being carried out with efficiency
  • Modernization allows the integration of better interfaces like GUI with the IBM I applications. And apps with GUI look freshly designed and can be accessed on multiple platforms like mobile devices and web

Why To Modernize Legacy Languages?

When talking about IT, it’s essential to keep updating the system with languages loaded with the newest features that can help in writing better codes. And the same holds true for IBM OS that is, by default, integrated with legacy languages like RPG and CL. And both these languages lack the advanced features of modern languages like .NET and Java. Thus, you must look forward to transforming legacy languages including CL and rpg to net with Fresche solutions. Furthermore, the best tool to see this purpose put to task is the iModernize tool. The reasons for such a statement are given below.

  1. A complete transformation of rpg to net and java is necessary so that the system can support it easily. And the automated iModernize tool sees the task done with completeness so that the legacy languages are fully eliminated from the system
  2. The iModernize tool is quite naturally highly effective when it comes to eliminating the legacy cost. Besides, it has analysis capacity too. You can utilize this quality to find out if the codes being generated after transformation are of the expected quality or not
  3. The iModernize tool can also offer progressive suggestions on buying and integrating new programs and technologies with the existing IBM I applications in order to improve their efficiency and performance
  4. The iModernize tool is a risk reduction tool. It is because the tool is built with analytical features that can immediately detect incompatibility. Therefore, when using this tool, you get the incompatibility warning in advance during the process of migrating technologies itself. Therefore, you get enough time to replace an incompatible piece of technology with a compatible one so that the production process isn’t stopped at the later stages
  5. It keeps running automatic scans of the entire OS to ensure that the software is in a perfect shape. In other words, the iModernize tool determines if or not the software is negatively affecting the speed and quality of the OS and the apps