Accumulating FIFA Coins can be Easy – Few Simple Tips

Are you a football fan? If you are then it is quite expected that you would know about the FIFA game. Talking of the FIFA game, there is one important aspect which you need to be aware of. It is the FIFA coins. Also known as FUT coins, these are actually used as the currency which you can use to buy players and consumables for you team. Any football team requires money in order to function properly and smoothly. Football teams from all over the world are engaged in buying players. In order to build a strong team, you need to have some of the best players available. This is where these coins come into the picture. If you are wondering how you can collect coins, then there are 2 options available. One, you can keep on accumulating more coins by winning more matches. This can be a bit difficult to achieve and may take a long time if you don’t have a strong team. However, there is another option available to you which is far easier than the first one. You can buy these coins from the online stores who specialize in selling coins.

You can use real money for the purpose of buying these coins or you can also sell cards in the transfer market in order to earn more coins. There is another way of making coins. It is by purchasing players when they are available at a cheap price in the market. This is particularly true when other players around you are also low in terms of coins. In order to make sure that this approach works for you, you need to choose those players who are ranked highly and have impressive rating. Remember, in order to be successful with player auctions, you need to be absolutely spot on with your timing

If you are planning to earn more coins, in that case, there are a couple of important things which you need to remember

Tips for earning more FUT Coins


Here are a couple of tips which you might find to be useful when it comes to earning more FUT points

  • Keep on Playing: One of the simplest ways to earn more coins is to make sure that you keep your team engaged in playing more games; both online as well as off line. Participating in different tournaments can also prove to be very useful as far as earning more coins is concerned. You can also use the FUT champion mode to your advantage which would help you earn decent coins. You might even get hold of a player pack in the process
  • The Catalogue is Very Important: You must ensure that you never ignore the catalogue. It needs to be mentioned in this context that your catalogue can help you with the process of boosting coins. It has different items in offer for you to buy. You can also purchase coin upgrades which would fetch you with extra currency when you play a match. Trying the catalogue can be a smart option
  • Get rid of the Flops: You might end have players in your team whom you would never use. There is no point in holding on to them. The best option for you would be to send them to the transfer market which would help you earn some cash. These players might not be of any value to you; however, there are other teams who might be ready to purchase them at an attractive price. You can also get rid of them in exchange of a fair amount of coins
  • You need to have a Proper Strategy in Place: If there are any bargain deals that are available to you, make sure to use them. Keep looking for fixtures which are coming up and then try to figure out the players that will be in demand. Make sure to create a list of these players and then by them when they are available at a cheap price. Hold on to these players for a later time when you can sell them at a higher price


As mentioned, there are sites available from where you can purchase FIFA coins; is one such website.