The Essence of Ad Making for You

As far as the organization is concerned, you should know that video takes a lot of time, so be very organized and planned your shoot like a clock with the speakers, the calculation of transport, the weather must be very precise so that your shooting is effective, even more if you hire a provider on time you will be happy to be able to complete your shoot as soon as possible thanks to your good organization. Once all these aspects are completed you will have to find and block a date of shooting. Now you can have a proper idea of having the best way to create an ad


Google recommends choosing a person who speaks clearly and is comfortable with your product, old customers are sometimes interesting if you do not have anyone around, hire a player who will be comfortable and powerful face camera, everyone his job.


The material, the actors, and the storyboard are ready when you have arrived at the date of your shoot, be focused, checked every detail, remember the sound, the light.

If you are surrounded by professional teams do not hesitate to ask for several takes, if you are not satisfied again, improve, and be uncompromising as your audience who will not give you any gifts.

Turning several sequences and making rab, there is nothing worse than ending up in lack of image for editing, which can the most can the least.

The video is the future Figures to support: a French surfer out of two watches at least one video daily, devotes an average of 32 minutes a day and 80% of them remember a video seen in the last 30 days. You can have the most beautiful video production, if the purchase of space does not follow behind, you will only have frustrating results.

The video is noticeable more than a banner, it engages four times more. There are very rarely two videos that rotate at the same time on a page, while we can see several banners. The video is accessible to all advertisers, unlike television where in below 200 000 €, it is neither relevant nor impacting.

All formats are equal, if used properly

Completion rate indicates how many viewers watched the video to the end. For a spot of 30 seconds, it is 25% on YouTube, against only 1.5% on Facebook. Outside social networks, it reaches 68% on replay programs and 70% on an out-stream format such as in-read. You have to judge based on the cost per acquisition, so we see that it’s equivalent: for 10,000 effective views on Facebook, you’ll have to make more impressions, but the campaign will have the same cost for an equivalent result in read.  The challenge is to find the right format for your goals.

Do not expect direct sales of the video to your site, there are other levers for that. Video is a communication tool, notoriety, commitment. To optimize its campaigns, study the video.