Link checker tools to check a link’s safety

A link is a relationship or bond that helps direct you from one page to another.

Promise links are safe links that provide correct information and don’t affect your privacy. Fake links steal your data and are possible for credit theft.

Whether the link is promise able or not, a fake link checker helps find it.

There are some methods available to check whether the link is safe or not. Tools are also available to check the link’s safety, which is called a link checker.

Link checker:

The tool or software used to check the safety of the link while typing URLs in the search bar is known as a link checker.

Link checkers help you make decisions about whether the website will be safe against malware and viruses that affect your system. It also shows that the website URL is listed in the DNS blocklist for spam or malicious content.

Ways to use an online link checker:

The first step is to open the online tool and enter the URL of the website you want to check for safety.

Click on the button to check the link.

The result will be shown on the screen. You can check the safety of the link through this result.

Need a URL checker?

It helps determine the link’s safety.

It can detect any unsafe or malicious content present on the website that will harm you.

Prevent yourself from falling prey to phishing attacks and online scams.

Url checker helps save you from the accidental download or installation of viruses and any other harmful content on your system.

Link checkers and their pros:

PS Safe

Safe browsing site status of Google

SEO magnifier

PS Safe:

PS Safe is a free link-checking tool. It is considered a leading provider of security, mobile privacy, and applications. It is used by many people worldwide to browse safely. It provides safety against online threats, cybercriminals, credit theft, and privacy or identity theft.


Refresh automatically

Free tool

Immediate result

Safe browsing site status of Google:

It detects several URLs in one day. One can easily check the link’s safety by simply entering the URL in the search bar.


Google-assured tool

Free and provide quick results

Provide more information about the site.

SEO magnifier:

It is another best option to check link safety. It is used to check 20 links at one time.


Free and able to check 20 links at one time.

Give additional information about domains and URLs. It provides the definition of a link.