All you need to know about email validation

Nowadays, with increasing demand for digital communication, emails are treated as the most professional and flexible way to communicate. Around four billion users are reported in the world and approximately 306 billion emails are sent and received every day. Every step of communication is based on the unique address given to each and every user to identify them uniquely. 

That’s why an email address plays a vital role in the process. Sometimes, the users make typos while feeding their address, knowingly or unknowingly. That’s why, it’s necessary to verify and validate the email address and here’s comes the concept of cheap email validation.

What email validation is?

In simple terms, email validation checks the validity of an email address. It’s a process of identifying the validity and reachability of an email address. It also helps in pointing out the typos done by the users, intentionally or unintentionally. 

It also checks the local and domain name of the addresses. Local names refer to the name assigned to or assigned by users and the domain name refers to the part of the email address that comes after @ and associated with the physical IP address on the internet.  For example Yahoo, gmail, etc.

Methods of email validation

Following are some commonly used methods of email validation.

1. Syntax verification: 

This method checks the components of the email address to verify and validate the email. If either of the three components are missing i.e., local name[portion  before @], @ and domain name[portion after @], then it will refuse the mail address. The drawback of this method is that if it will find all the three components, it will validate the mailing address but it won’t guarantee that the person actually exists behind that address or not.

2. SMTP verification: 

It stands for simple mail transfer protocol. It identifies the mail server which is associated behind the email address. But this method is also not proven to validate all mails as it failed to verify the local name used before the sign @.

3. Confirmation method of validating the email address: 

It also refers to the OTP method of validating the email address. It guarantees that the mail is getting received by the person and that person is also valid. In this method, the website will ask for an email address of the user and send an unique code, also known as OTP, and the user is supposed to feed the code for further uses of the website. And that’s how an email address gets verified.

Benefits of email validation

  •   It filter out all the invalid email address
  •   Offers a high mail sending score by removing unnecessary mailing address
  •   Reduce bounce rate
  •   Improve the email deliverability   

Validating an email refers to filtering out the list of email addresses and making it error free. There are multiple free tools available which can validate your mails and those are ZeroBounce, MailerChecker, Hunter, NeverBounce, etc. which helps in clearing and organizing the email addresses.