Beginner’s Guide to Bloxorz

Our world is filled with exciting new games. Many of these new games can be difficult to play. When faced with a game, you don’t know how to play. It can be intimidating and potentially even boring. When Bloxorz came out, this changed everything. It’s an exciting puzzle game that offers great gameplay and different level designing tools for users.

Here is a beginner’s guide to Bloxorz;


The objective of Bloxorz is to guide your block from its starting point at the top left corner of the screen through an obstacle course of walls, spikes, and other traps until it reaches the exit in the bottom right corner.

Once you’ve reached the end, you’ll see a message telling you how many moves it took to complete the level and how many moves were left if you weren’t fast enough. If this sounds like Tetris or Candy Crush Saga, both extremely popular games, then congratulations, you’re already familiar with most of what block puzzle has to offer.


The controls are very simple; use the arrow keys to move the red block left and right, up and down. You can also use the cursor keys instead of the arrow keys. It doesn’t really matter which key you use as long as it’s consistent throughout the game.

The first thing you should do when playing Bloxorz has familiarized yourself with these controls. Just play around for a few minutes until you know how it works.

Platforms and Obstacles

The platforms will be your main obstacles in this game. They are placed at different heights and angles, so you must use them to jump on top of each other.

You can also jump off the platforms to reach your destination. However, some platforms cannot be jumped off, so you must find another way around them.

There are also some obstacles between the platforms, which you must be careful about. There are spikes that will kill you if touched, so avoid them at all costs.

Level Codes

The first thing you’ll want to do is enter the level code. You can find this on the top left of the screen before you start a level. Currently, two levels don’t have a code. The Pit and The Pit 2. To enter a code, press Ctrl+Enter. The code will be entered automatically into the text box, so all you need to do is press Enter or click Play.


There are no real rules for this game, but there are some things that you should keep in mind when playing. While playing, try to remember where all the blocks are located so you can plan your route as well as possible. 


So there you have it. Bloxorz may seem like a simple game at first glance, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. With so many levels for you to conquer and so many skills to perfect, this will be sure to keep you busy for hours on end. Think you’ve got what it takes. Prove it by testing your skills in this exciting game.