Benefits of a solar powered fan

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Homeowners who are tired with unbearably high temperatures in their homes are familiar attic fans. Attic fans will also keep your attic dry while preserving the integrity of your roof. With appropriate attic ventilation, molds and other bacteria are kept away and therefore the goods stored in the area are well preserved. The fans can be electric or solar powered and when you look at the benefits of each, you realize that a solar powered fan is far more beneficial.

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It’s free to operate

A solar powered fan harnesses the sun’s energy to power its efficient operations. Therefore, in using it, energy is conserved and money is saved. This would help keep your utility bills at the lowest while keeping your attic cool and ventilated.

Active attic cooling

Unlike the attic vents that will just allow air to flow through, a solar-powered attic fan will pull stuffy, hot air out of the attic, hence creating negative pressure and therefore cool, fresh air is drawn into space. The solar fan thus keeps the air cycling. It’s therefore, a perfect way of keeping the attic and house temperatures regulated.

Solar powered fans protect your roof

An imbalance in the attic and external temperatures common in summer and winter can lead to roof damage. With solar fans, the mold and mildew in warm climates are kept away. It also prevents ice dams during winter.

Installation is easy

Doing a roof is very expensive, stressful and dangerous. The solar-powered fans are easy to install because no wiring or structural work is required to place on your roof. You only need an experienced solar-tube dealer to install the system in less than thirty minutes. Therefore, it is something that won’t stress you and the cost of installation is minimal due to fewer man-hours.


Electric fans can be very noisy and therefore deny you the peace of mind. Solar fans are quiet and efficient and this means you don’t have to be worried about the fan keeping you awake all night.

You save money with tax credits and rebates

Any solar powered fan qualifies for a tax credit on your next returns. This is because it contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly house. Choose a sustainable energy source that is friendly to the environment and stand a chance of being rewarded.

With the above benefits, you can see why solar powered fans are becoming a popular choice for thousands of homes in the country and the world over. You have your home kept cool while cutting down the energy cost for your home. Get a good solar powered fans supplier for the best quality.