Best Tools for Checking Your Website Speed

The overall success of a website is largely dependent on its loading speed. Why? The loading speed of a page is one of the basic factors with which goggle search algorithm ranks websites. Users are likely to visit page, stay and look at the contents of a page that loads and responds quickly. It doesn’t matter which type of online business you have; a faster website is essential for you.

Some free tools to evaluate your site speed are:

  • Dareboost- this tool explains things uniquely. You will need to create a free account before using this tool and it lets you check 5 websites for free before you purchase the tool for further use. The website enables you to check your site performance and loading speed. 
  • Webpage Test- this is also a free testing tool with the ability to run speed tests from different locations around the world simultaneously. It considers the device, its connection speed, type of browser, and cache state. Its testing is advanced and straightforward.
  • Pingdom- this is one of the best monitoring and performance evaluation tool for businesses. The tool gives detailed insight into page speed and the performance expectations as regards to SMS or emails. One deficit of this tool is that it doesn’t have a trial version, although it has a 14-day trial you can subscribe to. 
  • GTmetrix- this is an online application empowered to test web page speed. It has a free account section and a paid version too. You are required to visit the website, input the URL of the page you wish to analyze and check the results. This application displays detailed information such as the performance scores, page load time, total size, and the number of requests.
  • YSlow- this is one of the leading tools for testing website performance. You’ll have to download its browser extension from its site before you use it. The platform helps you customize your website by testing its performance in 23 ways. It also provides suggestions along with reports to help you affect changes and corrections where needed. It constructively gives you a detailed breakdown of your website content.

Waiting impatiently while staring at your computer screen won’t solve the problem. You must employ website testing tools to checkmate your website performance. These tools will help you monitor your website speed and performance and also profer solutions to detect problems. You can try out the free trials first, then decide on which tool to go for.