Best Work-From-Home (WFH) software for your Finance Team

Work from home (WFH) is the most common scenario, thanks to the covid-19 virus. Now more than ever, companies are forcing their employer to work from home and take care of this pandemic crisis.

While work from home is the only option till all are vaccinated, your finance team must have the best software in place for business continuity..

With that said, here are the best software tools that your finance team can use to be productive while enjoying the benefits of working from home:

  1. Bulk Document Signing Solution: PDF AutoSigner Pro

Free Trial Available: YES (5 Days)

Price: 9,999.00/ $149.

System Requirements: Windows 

Capterra Rating: 5/5 

What problem does it solve?

Bulk Sign PDF from any corner of the world. Digital signing is perfect for companies adopting work from home cultures. If your company deals with a sea of paperwork daily, you need to try this right away. Try the PDF Signer software before you drown in the paperwork. 

PDF Auto Signer Pro Review 

The company claims to be signing documents at a lightning speed. I kid you not, it does. I LOVE how they keep updating the software to make it user friendly.  They have added a recent update where you can drag-draw your signature and boom, done. 

PDF Auto Signer Pro signs bulk documents within seconds. Yes, mere seconds. The software uses digital signatures which are verified by a trusted third party. Every signature consists of LTV time stamping features. Meaning, it will display the date, time, and location of signing the document.

Once you sign your pdfs, they can be password protected and mailed to numerous people. There is no cap on mailing. 

PDF Auto Signer Pro saves time and effort by allowing you to sign from anywhere. These are some of the few features of the software. You might be amazed with the benefits of digital signature software for your business.

Also, we know the entire office staff runs marathons to get documents signed. All this will stop, once and for all if you get this on-point productivity asset. 

  1. Business Management Solution: Zoho Books

Free Trial Available: YES (14 Days)

Price Range: 749-7,999/ $10.09-107.76

System requirements: iOS, Android, Windows

Best Plans for Small to Medium level firm: Standard, Professional, Premium 

Capterra Rating: 4.4/5 

What problem does it solve?

 A software just like Tally, but better.  

The company’s entire finances and accounting can be managed in one single software. It monitors the organizational budgets, creates invoices, manages bank accounts, delivery challans, organization, and employee level expenses easily.

Zoho Books Review:

Accounting teams have been using Tally since time immemorial. I think Tally is older than time itself. 

When we compare Tally with Zoho Books, we found Zoho Books to be, hands-down! user friendly. You can easily convert Proforma invoices to Tax invoices and streamline your transactions. With its CRM approach, it becomes convenient to follow up with your customers. With Zoho working for your finance team, you do not need any more software. It’s a one in all tool. 

So, if your company orders a cake or purchases the entire cake factory, Zoho Books will have your back. 

PS: Plans that work best for micro to medium level businesses are standard, professional, and premium. These plans cover most of the requirements a young firm needs.

  1. Employee Wages Management solution: Wage Point 

Free Trial Available: No

Price Range: Depends on the number of employees and payment frequency.

System requirements: iOS, Windows

Capterra Rating: 4.6/5 

What problem does it solve?

Manages the wages and payrolls of all employees. The user can separate payment groups as job profiles and can also track bonuses, leaves, holidays etc for the organization.

Wagepoint Review:

Maintaining excel sheets for all employee sick leaves, memos, bonuses etc becomes tedious, doesn’t it? Wagepoint helps accountants to make profiles for every employee to track their payrolls and paystubs.

You can select the reasons for pay or deduct wages from an employee’s profile easily. The software allows you to automatically receive year-end reports. You can file your 1099 and W-2 forms. Also, the employees have access to a portal that allows them to view their pay stub status.

  1. File Sharing solution: Google Drive 

Free Trial Available: FREE Service for plans up to 15GB

Price Range: 130 19,500 / $1.75-$262.45

System requirements: iOS, Android, Windows

Best Plans for Small to Medium level firm: 100GB- 2GB

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5 

What problem does it solve?

File-sharing within the team. Important documents need not be mailed all the time. Some can be left in the Drive for people to view. Teams can send large files across, unlike Gmail’s 20 MB limit.

Google Drive Review:

I personally find Google Drive quite helpful. Earlier, we mailed files across the teams. Now, this practice has flooded my inbox. With extra Google-Drive space, we managed to significantly reduce the number of unnecessary emails we sent. To be honest, we saved digital and mental space. 

Google Drive stores your info on the cloud and syncs them to your devices. The free plan offers up to 15GB of storage. Perfect for individuals to store happy memories but not enough to run an organization. So, if you’re a small to medium size enterprise, 100GB-2 TB would be your best buy.

If your firm can afford a bigger budget (The finance team knows if a bigger budget is possible. #Flex) Go for 10-30 TB storage plans. I will not get into the technical jargon by explaining its encryption and versions to use. Just know, it is a handy and scalable service which your organization can rely upon. 

  1. Internal Communication Software: Google Hangouts

Free Trial Available: FREE Service

Price Range: Free 

System requirements: iOS, Android, Windows

Capterra Rating: 4.3/5 

What problem does it solve? 

Streamline communication within the team and is in sync with G-mail. 

Google Hangout Review:

Now there are tons of alternatives for Google Hangouts. But let’s be real, your business will use Gmail and using software in sync with your mail, docs, drives and excel sheet makes sense. 

Google Hangouts is a great app for every department. The only problem is, there is no voice chat available. Few alternatives for Google hangout would be Slack, Telegram, Discord and Flock but the best bet would still be Hangout Chat.  


If you are from a finance team or a young business wishing to get its finance team to its full potential, these software’s will help you tremendously. We have not included fancy software to make sure the listed ones get you real-time results. We hope you found our suggestions useful.