Finer Options for the Best Oppo F11 Pro Review Now

Although many people regard it as a first-class battlefield, various flagships and brand-new mobile phone technologies will be selected during this period. However, there are still vendors adopting different practices. Recently, Chinese mobile phone manufacturer OPPO announced the latest OPPO F11 Pro promotional video. The phone is expected to be released in Philippines in March, and some of the features in the film are coveted. With the OPPO F11 Pro review you can have the best option now.

OPPO F11 Pro promotional film released, pop-up 48 million front lens is very eye-catching

The OPPO F11 Pro Philippines target market, which recently released a promotional video, directly pointed to the fierce battlefield of Philippines, which has been violently fired by various brands in recent years. In this mobile phone movie, it can be seen that the arc-shaped back design is used in the fuselage. With a blend of sleek gradients, Thunder Black and Aurora Green, the overall look is very unique and has a unique style.

The best Screen

The screen gives up the whole screen in order to achieve the maximum full screen. Shaped styles such as bangs and water drop screens hide the 48 million pixel self-timer lens in the side frame with a pop-up design, with a narrower border to create a wider field of view. The earpiece is hidden in the middle of the screen and the frame with a slotted design.

  • The back is equipped with a vertically aligned three-lens and LED flashing light, which claims to provide a more beautiful low-light photography function. According to the foreign media Gadget 360, it will introduce the super night scene function of various image processing technologies, and the movie will be more.

It is mentioned that even in low light sources, brilliant portrait photos can be taken, and the fingerprint reader is also located under the rear lens. Although there are very few details about the details of this model, the processor with unknown model will be used according to the previous information. However, according to its camera pixel, it can be inferred that it is equipped with MTK P90 capable of supporting 48 million pixels. Memory and storage are estimated to fall between 6GB and 128GB. Now you click here for the best deal now.

It is unclear whether this model will be listed in China and Taiwan, and whether it will be the R19 series that is still connected. It is also difficult to say that it is a special model specially designed for the Philippinesn market.

For example, with the new OPPO Reno series with 10x optical hybrid zoom, the zoom effect is called a telescope. Therefore, today we will bring you the most complete OPPO brand day shopping guide.

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