Hack an instagram account methodically

After hearing numerous instances of instagram profile hacking, your concern is how to secure your account, right? Or, your boyfriend spends too many hours on instagram and you are worried that he is chatting with others and not telling you anything? Has your girlfriend been posting too many photos lately and are you worried about sending them to third parties? How do you say? Did you guess? So, here are the methods to hack instagram, you are in the right blog at the right time! Yes, because in the next few lines here is an explanation in detail how to hack an instagram account with InstaEntry.

Methods to hack an instagram account

The techniques to hack an instagram account are varied and innumerable; previously, you have dealt with such systems in previous articles, if you want more details you can visit my article on how to find out instagram password.


If your intent is to hack an instagram profile, you can’t help but choose a solution such as installing a keylogger; this method can be useful if you share the same PC with your partner. But what is it about? Simply, they are software that installs and captures all the keys pressed with the keyboard; many of them not only capture passwords but also take screenshots, that is, screenshots of user activity.

Assuming that your partner uses instagram from a pc, you can not only have the password, but photograph his / her activities and take screenshots so that if he / she deletes some messages, you can recover and always have the texts at hand. The best keyloggers available are Refog Keylogger or   Home KeyLogger. Among the many methods that there are to hack an instagram account, the latter offers advantages that not all offer.


This technique can be summed up in one sentence: “What the eye sees and the ear hears, the mind believes ”. How does it work? And above all, what advantages does it offer? Phishing is a very subtle and dangerous technique as it relies on the user’s carelessness; this method offers countless advantages so much so that it remains the simplest choice among the many systems that there are to hack an instagram account. The hacker has the advantage of being able to hack an instagram account regardless of the operating system or device the victim uses. What does it mean? Quite simply, the attacker can implement this technique in any situation! How is a phishing attack carried out?

Long story short, the bad hacker creates a fake instagram login page and sends the link to the target; subsequently, the victim believing that he has been excluded from the social network authenticates himself and logs in from the same connection. After that, it will be redirected to an error page and not notice anything about data theft. In essence, the victim’s trust is leveraged and the victim unwittingly cooperates with his attacker.

Creating a fake page is not even that difficult, basic HTML and PHP knowledge and a good dose of social engineering are enough and phishing is served! Don’t you find it disturbing? Well, a little bit yes!