How A User’s Location Affects Local Search Results

One of the first things that your local search marketing services should help you with is SEO. It is especially important if you are promoting a business inside a specific geographic location. Local searches can help put your business on the map. However, some people skip on that.

The trouble is your location and the searcher’s location can greatly affect your search results. When people do a Google search, there are several factors that are taken into account. These are Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. If you want to get your sight to be optimized these three factors should be taken into account.

If you’ve done your work properly, then your site’s relevance and prominence should be high enough. However, distance is often a problem. This is because most of the time people can’t control that. However, distance is actually one of the most important factors when determining search result rankings.

This is proven by the fact that when you do a bit of research. Take your phone out on the road and do a search from different locations in a city. You’ll note that the results are different and usually the closest business will be the one that will be on the top of the search page.

Strategies To Use

There isn’t much that businesses can do to change much about their location. However, there are particular tactics that can help influence the results of the search. Here are some of them:

Creating location-based pages is very important. Linking them to a business, this ensures that a page will be related to a location for their page. This ensures that when a mobile user or a desktop user looks for a particular business.

Another tactic that you can use is to include the location when it comes to the creating a keyword phrase. A lot of the keywords that people use are just about the business they are in. Add a location like a city or a region where the business is. For example, a mechanic in Akron, Ohio would use “Akron mechanic.”

Additionally, you can increase the relevance to your location by creating a page that links to this phrase.

Regularly using the phrase across various parts of the site. This includes meta descriptions, image file names, and headings. It also helps if the location key phrase should be part of the URL. This is pretty important so that you can have a better search result.

Include your businesses’ name, address, and phone number. This will ensure that your location is prominent when it comes to search results.

Getting More Local

However, the best way to get your business is part of a local search is to work with professionals. SEO marketing agencies have put in a lot of effort into ensuring that their clients show up on top of any search results. Working with a good SEO company can offset a lot of challenges that are faced by location-based searches.

Overall, if your business needs to get maximum exposure in local searches, then you are going to need a bit of professional help.

If you want to grow your business, Tessa offers local search marketing services that work. Contact us today and let’s talk strategy.