How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?

With the ever-changing and complexity of recordkeeping regulations, companies invest in mobile archiving to ensure transparency and protect sensitive corporate data. Regulatory boards such as NARA, FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA are just a few regulators that require data archiving in the United States. Due to increasing incidents of cyberattacks, employers need to establish robust archiving measures to comply with the regulatory standards to mitigate risks and improve work efficiency. 

However, some are still hesitant about the efficacy of mobile archiving solutions, at least not until they experience corporate security risks like social engineering attacks, insider threats, data corruption, and other cyber-attacks. Businesses that let their employees use mobile devices could be at risk from malicious apps and WiFi networks that are not safe. Consequently, prevention from vulnerability should be imposed as part of security management. 

A business texting provider, TextRequest, shows that 89 percent of consumers desire to communicate with businesses, and no matter how hard firms try to control their employees’ text messages and phone conversations, the difficulty grows with new communication channels and platforms. Hence, employers leverage at least five channels to give their employees mobile corporate access. Significantly, mobile archiving solutions monitor and capture voice calls, text messages, and WhatsApp call recording

Among the benefits of mobile archiving is the ability to access older content. Besides being more accessible for end-users, mobile archivers can also benefit the IT department. With an enterprise mobile archiver, authorized employees can access content on their smartphones. Moreover, it helps users keep their mailboxes clean without losing essential communications. So, an excellent mobile archiver can save a lot of time, money, and effort for your business. 

Importance of Mobile Archiving

TeleMessage is a mobile archiving server that securely captures and retains mobile content. You can also use this to transfer information to your choice of archiving data storage vendors. With Telemessage, firms will be confident in using mobile archivers, thus protecting the company’s data from cyber threats. 

Messages sent on mobile devices can be modified and deleted far more readily than emails, so having a permanent record of what was said is critical for the individuals involved and the entire corporate company they represent.

Here is an infographic from TeleMessage that provides more information about the matter.