What are the Top Features of the Best Share Market App?

The New Kotak Stock Trader is a share market app that turns your smartphone into a powerful trading platform. You may trade in real-time, follow share prices in real-time, and get benefits from in-depth research evaluations of Indian stock markets. Their new, simple order form makes trading trouble-free. They not only restored the fund transfer functionality but also included the ability to use traditional bank transfer methods such as NEFT. 

You may enjoy nonstop trading sessions with biometric login and day-long sessions. Do your gadgets lack biometrics? Don’t be concerned! We designed a universal access code that works across all of our trading platforms. Create it once and use it all day on any platform or device with no hassle. We understand that new possibilities can be intimidating, so we incorporated help right inside the share market app. On any screen, click on the ‘?’ button will provide you with quick access to

contextual help.

The purchasing and selling of shares and other financial tools is known as What is intraday trading during the same day. In simpler words, intraday trading means squaring off all positions before the market closes and that there is no change in share ownership as a result of the trades. Many thought day trading was exclusive for financial institutions and experienced traders until recently. However, this has altered due to the rise of computerized trading and leverage trading. Intraday trading with Kotak Securities is now very simple.

The first step is to create a trading and Demat account. If you currently have a stock market account, you might wish to create a second account for intraday trading. You may then sign up for the appropriate tools to assist you with intraday trading. It can also assist you in tax planning because intraday trades are considered differently under the

Income Tax Act. Once you have the necessary tools and accounts, you can begin by examining daily charts to detect price movement tendencies. It may need the use of numerous technical analysis tools. These features are available on trading platforms and share market apps such as TradeSmart and KEAT ProX.


  • Pre-Defined Watchlists – You may now establish a new stock watchlist that automatically chooses stocks depending on your preferences.
  • Current Events – Get the most recent financial news and insights – Share market news, free stock investing videos, and beginner tutorials.
  • Research — Gain a competitive advantage in the market with the most recent structural, technical, and options call from our in-house research experts.
  • Smart Search — Using our new Smart Search option, you can find information faster and more easily.
  • Login with Biometrics – A quick, easy, and extremely secure way to log in
  • Trade Reports – View images and details about your previous and current deals. Easily track your profits and losses.
  • Easily manage your financial portfolio – Get broad perspectives across areas and types of assets to improve the performance of your portfolio.
  • Orders may get placed with just a few taps – Do you have any available positions? The trading software allows you to view and adjust them. Exiting positions is also simple.
  • In real-time, a bird’s-eye view of the BSE and NSE — Create custom watchlists and track scrips on the BSE Sensex, NSE Nifty, and MCX commodities markets.
  • Better Charting Software – Having many chart views allows you to keep track of the Sensex and Nifty without any problem.
  • It is simple to diversify your investments – Choose from a variety of asset classes, including stocks, mutual funds, and SIPs, as well as IPOs, bonds, NSE Nifty ETFs, and more.
  • Secure Payments — Because of multi-level verification, HTTPS protocol, and top-level encryption, your funds and trades are secure.
  • Money with no flaws transfer. Transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account or transfer profits back to your bank account. It all happens in unison.
  • Market Updates in Real-Time – What is the Sensex doing today? How is the NSE performing? With live market alerts, you can stay up to current on the stock market today.·        
  • On-the-go stock trading through mobile devices — The radial navigation function provides a more fluid and intuitive experience. Contact us through chat for immediate assistance and issues.

The new Kotak Stock Trader app puts the stock market in your palm. You may use this share market app to:

  • Engage in mobile share trading
  • Have access to a reliable stock analysis tool  
  • Manage your portfolio and preferred shares at any time   
  • Remain up to current on the price movements of BSE and NSE shares      
  • Invest in Mutual Funds, IPO, ETF, Bonds, SIP, and so on.

The New Kotak Stock Trader is a one-stop-shop for all of your online share trading and investing requirements, including Mutual Funds, SIPs, ETFs, and more. Install it right now to find out for yourself.