Why You Should Consider Investing in Small Industrial Robots

Getting the right industrial robot for the right tasks on your production line is very important. There are applications that call for bigger robots because they are designed for more reach and more stability.

 They are also built to handle heavier products. Additionally, they also span longer distances. Tasks that do not have as much payload and do not require too much of a reach are best performed by small industrial robots.

Tasks Best Suited for Small Industrial Robots

Small industrial robots work efficiently in compact work envelops. They are perfect for lifting parts of products that weigh less than 20 kilograms that do need to travel a distance that is more 1300 mm. These robots are ideal for tasks such as:

  • Assembling
  • Machine Tending
  • Pick and place
  • Packaging

There are many other applications that are performed by a small industrial robot aside from the listed. They are useful in industries such as food and packaging, pharmaceuticals as well as electronics.

Small Industrial Robots Improve Production

Many industries have benefited greatly from investing in smaller robots. A lot of companies prefer to use both small and big bots for the different application requirements. Small industrial bots aid in upgrading the production line in quite a number of ways.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Small Industrial Robots

You do not have to own a huge company to invest in a small industrial robot or three. In fact, a small robot may work perfectly for a small plant seeing as it does not demand too much space. Here are a few reasons why you should shop around for one for your business:


A small industrial robot does not cost as much as the bigger models. It is therefore easier to budget for and will not put you in the financial ER. You even have the option to go for a reconditioned model which will save you even more money. Most companies will be glad to offer you alternatives depending on your budget.

Easy to Install

Since they are small in size and don’t weigh as much as the larger industrial robots, small robots are more easily mounted. They are also versatile as you can have them installed just about any location.

You can have your small industrial robot mounted on the floor, a shelf or a table top. Interestingly, you can also have it installed on the ceiling or even the wall. This gives you the freedom to be creative with the space in the workspace and make it even more effective.


Small industrial robots are faster than their larger counterparts. They also provide extraordinary precision and repeatability. This helps to improve cycle times as well as improving productivity.

Since like all robots they can work around the clock and hardly err, it also means that the quality of products is also improved leading to less wastage. Your company not only stands to make a quick return on investment but also the profit margin is set to shoot up.

Small Robots quicken Monotonous Tasks

There is nothing that tires a human being faster than performing a task the same way over and over again. Man is not built for monotonous unchallenging and unending tasks. Humans quickly get bored, distracted and tired.

A small robot not only excels at repetitive tasks but also performs them fast. A fixed robot is not even as fast as a flexible one. This type of bot is the perfect choice for tasks that add no value and they save the company a lot of time too.

If the company added up all the time saved by using a small industrial robot instead of engaging manual labour, it would appreciate the work performed by automation even more. The workers engaged in the tasks taken over by the robot can upgrade to more worthwhile tasks within the workplace.


Any business big or small will reap great benefits from investing in small industrial robots. They are flexible, uncomplicated and perform at a higher level than larger robots. Also, they are more up to date and are not confined behind a fence since they have sensor technology.