A manager’s guide for ordering office supplies online!

Ordering office supplies every month is a chore for managers who are in charge of inventory. Shopping from the right supplier makes a huge difference to the budget, and there are two basic choices – Either you can contact a local supplier or can choose to order online. Online office suppliers have a few advantages over local vendors. Firstly, you are likely to get a wider range of products. From 123ink photo paper to ink cartridges, ergonomic chairs, and basic stationery items, there’s everything available on these stores. Secondly, online stores often have better prices and insane discounts, simply because they don’t have to deal with as many overheads as local brick & mortar shops.

If you are ordering office supplies online for the first time, here are some quick things worth knowing.

  1. Always have a list handy. More often than not, managers don’t check the existing inventory, which is why they end up spending more than they usually need in a month. Start with a list of things that you must buy. Some products, such as paper and other stationery items, can be purchased and stored in bulk, but always check what’s stocked in the warehouse.
  2. Select a more versatile store. Some of the online stores are really elaborate. You can shop for almost anything related to your workplace, including massagers, special equipment, computer accessories and luggage items like business cases. Make sure that you select a store that has everything and can be relied on.
  3. Start with a small order. Before you place a bulk order for office supplies, start with a small order. This just allows you to test the services of the concerned company, and you can easily decide on other aspects, including quality.
  4. Check the shipping times. Every month, office supplies need to arrive around a particular time, so you need to check if the company can ship your order in time. Most of the known stores will mention shipping times, and for bulk orders, you can choose to contact the company separately.
  5. Look for discounts. One of the first things that managers need to check for is the price of each product. Online stores do have a few offers now and then, but since we are talking of regular orders for office supplies, you need to be sure that the discounts are applicable to all categories. Some stores also have flash sales that may help to save more.

Check online and start shopping now!