A Quick Guide On The 5 Most Beneficial Types Of VGA Cables In The Market

VGA cables have 2 stunning connectors, out of which 1 is made compatible with the port for a graphics card and the other is compatible with the VGA display computer/laptop. Also, since VGA cables support high resolution, you can end up saving a lot of money that would have otherwise gone in the entire upgradation of the system for HD signals.

5 VGA Cables That Are Most Valuable

If you’re looking out for good VGA cables, the ones like the vga cable from primecables.ca are the best options because they are strong, affordable, and covered under a warranty against damage. And 5 inarguably stunning types that you should know about are given below.

  1. SVGA M/M Plenum Rated Cable – This double-shielded male to male VGA cable is best for commercial purposes. The core of the cable is made with a twisted braid of 3 26 AWG cables and 4 28 AWG cables. The cable is double shielded with one coating of tinned copper braid and another coating of aluminum foil. Thus, there’s no EMI or RFI interference adulteration and the signal remains true, crystal clear, and strong.
  2. SVGA Super VGA M/F Monitor Cable – This male to female VGA cable features ferrites connectors that are gold plated and corrosion proof. The core of the connectors works as a filter between noise and signals and the double shielding reduces signal loss. Thus, the overall signal in analog has a high-resolution.
  3. Super VGA HD15 M/M Cable w/ Stereo Audio and Triple Shielding – This wonderful triple shielded VGA cable flaunts 2 gold-plated connectors that remain unaffected by moisture and are thus corrosion free. Furthermore, it sports separate stereo audio lines by the side of both connectors. Needless to say, it supports both extended VGA as well as VGA analog resolutions.
  4. Ultra Slim SVGA Super VGA Monitor Cable – This male to female VGA cable has 2 gold-plated connectors that repel corrosion. Since their core is made of ferrite, they keep the signal safe from EM and RF noises. Also, this 30/32 AWG cable is compatible with VGA analog resolution and VGA extended resolution, both.
  5. Super VGA M/F CL2 Rated Cable – Built for commercial and educational purposes, this male to female VGA cable sports double shielding to keep signals distortion and noise-free. Also, its gold plated connectors with a ferrite core are attached to the wire with the help of strong nuts so that the cable doesn’t break off easily.