Best Cold Email Software: Helps Businesses Scale, Grow, Automate, and Close More Deals

A cold email software tool will be necessary if you are prepared to scale your outreach marketing initiatives. Cold email software like the product offered by – – enables users to automate the launch of prospects on campaigns, remove a large part of manual work from handling follow-ups, simultaneously personalize large quantities of cold emails, and enhance deliverability.

Which Features Does Good Cold Email Software Need?

Utilizing a cold email software tool is a reliable and effective way to increase your outreach and conversion rates. However, with so many worthy products out there, picking the one solution that is a good match for your business might be tricky. To aid you in your mission, here are the four most needed features found in top-notch cold email software:

  • Scheduled campaigns and automated follow-ups

These are the two core functions, so you can expect to find them in almost any outreach tool. However, when picking a solution for your business, concentrate on the ones that allow the highest degree of campaign customization and scheduling to ensure that you can make short work of tasks like adding/removing prospects, assigning inboxes to different campaigns, setting up predefined time zone-based schedules, etc.

  • Effortless personalization 

Cold email marketing will only work if you can prove to your prospects that you understand their pain points and have a truly effective solution to address those. In other words, you need to personalize your emails. Most cold email products allow users to add small bits of personalization to a large volume of cold emails using prospect/custom/company attributes.

  • Integrated deliverability tools

The success of your bulk email outreach campaign depends heavily on high deliverability. Cold email outreach tools with integrated deliverability-enhancing functionalities will help protect your emails from ending in spam folders and preserve a strong sender reputation over time.

  • Functionality for collaboration

Depending on how many teams you have working on your outreach campaigns, you might need a solution that promotes collaboration. Things like shared dashboards, inbox rotation, and analytics will make it easier for you to track your teams’ individual and overall performance.

Why Choose Cold Email Outreach Tool? is an easy-to-set-up and use solution that combines cold email automation, LinkedIn prospecting, and email search functionalities. It helps you locate emails and create prospect lists, upload prospects to personalized email campaigns, track and keep tabs on the effectiveness of your campaigns, create effective cold email templates, utilize AI-generated email copy recommendations to increase response rates, and more.