Guest Blogging Value and Practices for SEO in 2023

In 2023, guest blogging for SEO is all about building brand profile and not links. To build brand profile you need to focus sharply on quality and not quantity. Guest posts themselves do not necessarily harm your SEO.

In fact, they can be a valuable strategy for building high-quality backlinks and increasing your website’s visibility and authority.

However, if the guest posts are of poor quality, irrelevant to your website’s niche or subject matter, or contain spammy or manipulative links, then they could potentially harm your SEO.

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What are manipulative linking practices in guest blogging?

Manipulative linking practices in guest blogging refer to tactics used to artificially manipulate search engine rankings by including links to a website in guest posts on other websites.

These practices are considered manipulative because they aim to deceive search engines and manipulate their algorithms, rather than providing genuine value to readers.

Some examples of manipulative linking practices in guest blogging include:

  1. Including links in guest posts that are unrelated to the content of the post or the website’s niche.
  2. Including multiple links to the same website in a single guest post.
  3. Using exact match anchor text (i.e., the clickable text of a hyperlink that matches the exact keyword or phrase the website wants to rank for) excessively in guest posts.
  4. Using keyword-rich anchor text that does not flow naturally within the context of the guest post.
  5. Including links in guest posts on low-quality or spammy websites that have no relevance to the website being linked to.

These practices are generally frowned upon by search engines, as they are seen as attempts to manipulate search rankings rather than providing value to users. Search engines may penalize websites that engage in these practices, which can lead to a significant drop in search engine rankings and traffic. It’s important for website owners and guest bloggers to focus on creating high-quality content and using links in a natural, organic way that provides value to readers.

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Does guest post pass SEO value in 2023?

There has been some debate among SEO experts about the value of guest post links for SEO purposes.

John Mueller, who is a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, has stated in the past that Google may treat guest post links as if they were nofollowed.

However, it is important to note that not all guest post links are treated the same way by Google. If a guest post link appears to be natural and relevant, and it comes from a high-quality website with a strong reputation, it can still provide value for SEO.

The key is to focus on creating high-quality content that provides value to readers and that attracts natural, relevant links.

Instead of focusing solely on guest post links, it is important to develop a diverse link profile that includes a mix of link types from a variety of high-quality sources.

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