How Television Has Transformed Over the Years

Television sets and the experience itself have drastically changed over the years. For the millennial generation, we’ve seen television sets go from those box TVs with antennas, to LCDs to now Smart TVs with built-in applications and a Wi-Fi connection too. That’s one hell of a transformation to witness over the years.

TV sets may be different now but standard cable TV is not what it used to be either. There have been many advancements you could say.

New and Improved TV Experience

When we say getting a TV or a new cable service is a whole new and improved experience, we really mean it. Cable TV is more likely better known now as Digital TV service. That does not mean that it doesn’t include cable TV channels – they do, and a whole lot of them including popular national and international channels with other languages. On top of that they have more features.

Now, when you subscribe to a cable service, you’re not only going to get over 100 TV channels in HD quality just like the Spectrum Triple Play package, but you also get access to an On Demand library that holds thousands of options of movies and television series to select from. Several service providers are starting to add this to their Cable TV subscriptions to make it worth the customer’s while.

Streaming services also began to dominate the media industry a couple of years ago, like Netflix rolling out its own original content every few weeks. Not going to lie, this has definitely given competition to the regular cable providers but they’ve managed to keep themselves in the game.

Smart TV’s are built to be All-Inclusive

Smart TV manufacturers have launched plenty of models overtime to make your TV experience even better than before. There’s HD, 4K Ultra HD, LED, OLED – so many types of screens that we’ve never really heard of before, and every other one better than the previous one. It’s like watching a crisp, clean video stream on a huge flat screen – who would’ve thought watching TV would be so mesmerizing.

Almost every Smart TV features software (in most cases which is Android), and allows internet connectivity so yes you can connect your TV to the Wi-Fi. With this, you are free to browse through the internet and have built-in applications for YouTube, several games, and some even feature Netflix and Amazon.

Other streaming apps can even be downloaded onto the Smart TV just like you would on your smartphone. Soif you can’t find anything good on the regular cable, you can easily switch to Netflix or your subscribed streaming service, and watch one of the trending TV series and movies. Let’s not forget the On Demand libraries cable services provide as well.

Best Bundles to Enjoy On a Smart TV

Cable service providers have numerous plans and bundles for their customers to enjoy their services. When bundled you can make use of two or three of their services like the Internet or the Home Phone service. Here’s some that would work great with Smart TV technology.

Spectrum Double Play Select

  • Over 125 channels in HD including CNN, ESPN, MTV and many more.
  • Thousands of choices on an On Demand library.
  • Spectrum Internet subscription with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps and no data cap.
  • Includes free modem and anti-virus software for network security.

WOW! Medium TV + Internet 200

  • Around 130 channels in HD including all the popular national networks.
  • On demand content access on any device.
  • Fiber cable internet of speed 200 Mbps and unlimited data.
  • No mandatory contracts to sign.