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While you are looking for a web hosting type for hosting your website, there are certain points every individual should consider. As hosting a website is not something temporary deciding, which hosting plan to choose is essential. 

The different web hosting types are:

  1. Shared
  2. VPS
  3. Reseller
  4. Dedicated
  5. Cloud

Hosting a website can be done in two ways.

  • Managed web hosting 
  • Unmanaged web hosting

Managed Web Hosting

The web hosting type in which the server resources, database, security, installation, etc., are managed by the hosting service provider is said managed web hosting. The web hosting service provider is responsible for managing and setting up VPS account, firewall installation and configuration, database optimization, malware, virus detection and protection, control panel installation and configuration, etc. You being the client, have to only look after your business growth.

Self-Managed Web Hosting

In the self-managed VPS hosting, the server resources, database, installation, security are managed by the client. The client is solely responsible for managing and setting up VPS account, firewall installation and configuration, database optimization, malware, virus detection and protection, etc. 

The Web Hosting Types 

Shared Hosting

The web hosting type in which your website shares the server space and resources of a physical server is called shared hosting. The various resources that most of the web hosting service providers provide are bandwidth, SSL certificate, disk space, CPU, control panel, etc.

The shared hosting type is the cheapest type of web hosting amongst all. It is usually preferred by small business websites of newbies in the web hosting market.

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting type enables you to have your own server. You get the maximum resources with dedicated hosting plans. 

Dedicated server hosting is preferred by the enterprise-level business. 

It is expensive compared to shared and VPS hosting plans. 

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, virtual private server hosting works on the hypervisor. A hypervisor is also known as a virtual machine monitor or VMM. It is software that enables you to build and run virtual machines (VMs). A hypervisor allows a single host computer to support multiple virtual machines (VMs) by sharing resources.

VPS hosting has many advantages over shared and dedicated hosting. 

The advantages of VPS hosting are as follows:

  • Scalability

VPS hosting enables the scalability of resources. Scalability means you can scale up the server resources whenever you have heavy traffic on your site and scale down the resources when there is minimal traffic on your website.

  • Availability

As VPS uses virtualization, the availability of resources is the highest. Also, your website availability is the highest with VPS hosting.

  • Reliability

When considering a VPS, keep in mind that each user’s resources are isolated from other users. The isolation ensures that tasks performed on another user’s server would have no impact on the output of your website or application.

If you belong to web development with, technical background developing Linux and Windows-based applications, self-managed web hosting is the best choice.

The best company to get a self-managed VPS for Linux and Windows OS plan is MilesWeb.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is India’s best web hosting company providing the most appropriate web hosting plans and services. MilesWeb has been selected the best host by HostReview, amongst the top 10 hosts in the VPS hosting category for May 2021 and stands at the sixth position. The company has 30,000+ happy customers worldwide and provides the best offers and discounts on all the web hosting plans. MilesWeb has data centers in India, the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Australia.

The company provides the best uptime guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee on most hosting plans.

MilesWeb’s self-managed VPS plan for Linux OS:

SMV1, SMV2, SMV3, SMV4, SMV5 and SMV6 are the six self-managed VPS plans given by MilesWeb.

SMV1 is the base plan that has the following resources;

  • 2vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 50GB SSD Disk
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP

MilesWeb’s Self-Managed VPS plan for Windows OS:

SMW1, SMW2, SMW3, SMW4, SMW5 and SMW6 are the six self-managed VPS plans given by MilesWeb.

SMW1 is the base plan that has the following resources;

  •  2vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP

Perks of selecting MilesWeb’s Self-Managed Windows VPS

  • Solid-State Drives

MilesWeb’s unmanaged VPS hosting servers are installed with high-performance SSDs for faster and more stable performance. The SSD storage system is extremely fast and contributes significantly to the overall performance of your web application.

  • 100% Dedicated Resources

Your VPS account at MilesWeb has dedicated server resources such as CPU, memory, and storage space. Your resources in a node are not shared with other accounts.

  • Full Administrator Access

Your Windows VPS server is under your power. With MilesWeb’s unmanaged Windows VPS, you can host an infinite number of websites/apps, customize or install any apps you need for your web project.

  • Plesk and cPanel Control Panel

For Linux-based hosting, you get a cPanel control panel, and for Windows-based hosting, you get a Plesk control panel. The control panels have an easy-to-use interface and help in managing your hosting account.

  • Latest Technologies

MilesWeb’s Windows VPS plans come pre-installed with the most recent versions of FrontPage Extensions, IIS, ASP.NET, ASP, and PHP for your convenience. Database support, as well as MY SQL and MS SQL monitoring, are included. 

MilesWeb provides the best hosting even if you have a large application, CRM, social media, a heavy enterprise, or a financial platform. With your self-managed Linux VPS server, you can manage all the server resources.

  • Easy VPS Upgrades

You can update your VPS at any time without changing the assigned IP. MilesWeb’s team takes excellent care to ensure that no data is lost during the update.

  • Cost-Effective

MilesWeb’s unmanaged Windows VPS plans are inexpensive and ideal for webmasters that have complete server administration.

  • Robust Hardware

MilesWeb’s VPS servers are powered by powerful hardware that ensures the highest levels of performance and reliability, making the Linux and Windows VPS platforms ideal for high-resource websites and apps.

To Conclude:

With MilesWeb’s self-managed VPS hosting, you get the highest reliability, control over the server, great customization and many other advantages. With the company, you get the best plans at the least expense.