Tips For Effective and Productive Remote Team Collaboration

Work from home [WFH] is the new work culture enforced by the COVID-19 situation. Organizations are finding it hard to collaborate with their team members in this situation. Some leaders are struggling to build a collaborative workforce, while a few have well-blended with this WFH culture and booming. Remote working has been there for companies that hire people across the globe, which has evolved suddenly. No one was prepared for this sudden shift, which accompanies myriads of challenges. 

When asked in the past, more than 85% of employees would agree to remotely for some time but if they feel the same with WFH is still to be studied. The home working situation seems the new norm that is here to stay as there are myriads of technology tools and support designed to make it possible and easy. 

Tips for efficient and productive remote team collaboration 

Join a virtual space

Collaboration is a huge challenge, which is necessary for efficiency and productivity. Fortunately, people are learning to virtually collaborate through platforms like Kosy Office. It is a virtual space, where the remote team can work together just like they would in person. It feels just like working with coworkers in the same room. The space can be customized to reflect the culture and personality of your team. Replicate the physical office, conduct team meetings, and even have fun together enjoying music or games. 

Clear communication

The team has to communicate clearly and openly for the success of any business. In remote work culture, in-person collaboration is not feasible, so create an effective communication environment. Use video conferencing and chat tools to stay connected with team members during working hours. 

Remote teams will spend lots of time conducting meetings and answering emails, so ensure to articulate information in clear and simple language. Be precise and avoid bombarding the team with useless data. Ensure that everyone is following the defined work processes and is on the same page.

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Set clear goals

As the team is remote the members are unaware of what and when to do. A few members take the initiative in prioritizing different tasks. However, there are a few that will struggle without feedback, which gives them an idea of what is expected. 

Set clear goals for effective remote collaboration. For example, the employees must know about details like –

  • Expected working hours
  • Communication methods they must use
  • Share calendar, so everyone can access other team members if needed
  • Meeting schedules
  • Every member takes and responsibilities associated with a specific project

Every organization has a different work process, so managers need to set the criteria accordingly. The project managers will soon develop their skills in handling the remote team efficiently and the team will even feel confident in WFH as there is a clear structure available to guide them.

Maintain transparency

Lack of trust, low employee morale, and enthusiasm are due to lack of transparency. Companies need to share internal and external data with their employees for better success. It builds a trust and togetherness culture. In remote work culture, ensure to have short sessions to pass significant updates or send emails to every team member about the developments daily. 

Workload commitments may feel like a burden, so to boost employee engagement and cooperation plan team-building virtual activities. Kosy Office is on Twitter, where you can gain more updates about their virtual space’s compelling features.