Wipro and Microsoft: Concentrating Tech Capabilities for Building an Intelligent Security Operations Center (SOC)

The digital era has introduced some of the most dramatic changes to the business world. The availability of new technology and accelerated adoption of remote work has introduced a surge of new opportunities and innovation like nothing we have witnessed before. 

However, the rapid rate at which executives modernize and transform has simultaneously increased attack surface areas. While companies move toward a more automated, optimized digital future, many ignore the gaping holes forming along their security perimeter.

The need to protect enterprise data is rapidly growing, and the security operations center (SOC) is the primary platform that can help accomplish this significant task. 

A Technology Perspective of SOC Operations

An intelligent security operations center is essential because it provides a 360-degree view across the entire security infrastructure. Thus, it enables organizations to identify security incidents and anomalies early. One of the main tasks of the SOC is to identify cyber threats and respond to them. 

However, traditional SOCs fail to combat the cyber threat landscape. The sheer number of endpoints and ever-growing external facing enterprise assets that require constant monitoring has contributed to the alert overload. Security alerts have more than doubled in the last five years, with most enterprises handling at least 1,000 security alerts per day.

Around 75% of businesses spend significant time responding to false positives than dealing with original security incidents. These numbers are evidence that the problem most security analysts face today is not necessarily a lack of systems and information – it is an overabundance of siloed security tools and data that is creating a ton of noise within systems.

Security teams get bombarded by too many alerts, but every call does not signify legitimate threats. They often use security tools that are not well integrated, making it challenging to correlate signals across the entire environment.

Modernizing your SOC is essential to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. The availability of new technologies combined with the accelerated adoption of remote work has opened the door to better innovation and has, unfortunately, increased attack surface areas. As a result, cybercriminals are quick to take advantage of the situation. 

You get the following benefits with a modern SOC. 

  • Achieve better visibility and enable faster response to threats.
  • Reduce the burden on internal security analysts to respond to non-critical threats.
  • Transform the SOC into an efficient Security Intelligence Center.
  • Reduce operational costs through turnkey security operation services.

How Wipro and Microsoft are Making an Impact in the Security Domain

It is far more efficient to step back and re-evaluate how your entire SOC is functioning rather than introduce greater complexity to your security operations by adopting another third-party threat detection tool. 

• How are you going to improve visibility across your entire security posture?

• How will you distil the right insights from a massive volume of incident events?

• How can you gain more confidence in your SOC controls effectiveness and ultimately sleep soundly at night knowing your defences will hold against today’s most advanced threats?

Let us explore how Wipro and Microsoft can help you step into the future of security operations to optimize your team’s time and prevent analyst burnout.

Partnership between Wipro and Microsoft, their Strategy, and the Intelligent SOC.

Wipro offers a unique approach to organizations so they can modernize traditional security operations by incorporating Microsoft’s cloud-native SIEM and extended detection and response (XDR) solutions.

With this collaboration, the leading technology giants leave no stone unturned to offer their clients high-end security protection, stronger threat detection, and superior security support.

As part of this integration, Wipro will offer managed cloud security operations services with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Orchestration capabilities for its clients’ rapid threat detection and response across hybrid cloud environments. 

In addition, the AI-based capabilities of Wipro HOLMES will be used to measure the risk factors against compliance standards. Wipro’s Security Intelligence service caters to a large pool of experienced and skilled cyber incident responders and threat hunters. It will also bring in the following differentiators:

  1. Proprietary use-case creation with industry-specific use-case libraries within the same framework
  2. Periodic service self-assessment on log sources and use-case efficacy; benchmarking these facets to Lockheed Martin Kill chain and MITRE framework
  3. Factory model system integration to enable a faster onboarding process of event sources and creation of different use cases
  4. Building unique security playbooks to automate workflow and processes and leverage Azure Sentinel SOAR capabilities


Microsoft and Wipro are partnering to provide a new era of security. As conventional security solutions become obsolete, the two tech giants will collaborate to build more sophisticated security solutions for businesses.

So, it is high time you bridge your security gaps today with the right integrated technologies and managed services.