Step- by- Step guide on How to remove Glance from Lock screen

You must be looking for steps to disable Glance from Lock screen, but we recommend that before you disable the Glance lock screen on your phone, you should know that the Glance Smart Lock screen feature is the best feature which all mobile phone companies are integrating in their smart phones.

Glance is a Smart lock screen feature for MI phone or Redmi phone users which provides Live entertainment shows with celebs & creators, that too on your lock screen only.

Glance provides Live entertainment shows, updates related to your interests on your lock screen, that too without even unlocking your phone or searching for any information on the internet. 

So, there is no need to manually search for information any more or no need to download any application for live entertainment shows & news or current updates

If you are a gamer, you will be happy to know that you can play 500+ games here in the Glance gaming center without even downloading the games. So, no need to worry about the storage or processor of your Redmi or MI phone.

Redmi Phone or MI phone users can see the live stream of gaming tournaments on Glance without even unlocking the phone. 

Glance lock screen is a blessing for shopping lovers. Glance lock screen provides the hottest trends, the coolest accessories & merch, and the user can buy directly from the most popular creators like EK by Ekta kapoor, KRA and many more. 

So, user doesn’t need to spend time on shopping applications or websites when you have Glance in your Redmi or MI phone.

So, you still want to search “ How to remove Glance from lock screen in MI?” or “ How to turn off Glance in MI?” 

If you still want to disable Glance in MI phone, you can follow following steps:

Disable Glance on MI / Disable Glance on Redmi

  1. Settings – Lock Screen – Glance for MI – Turn Off