5Ways to ensure your coloured printer lasts longer

Just like any technologically advanced product, printers also require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure their smooth operation. While we often take care and update our laptops and smartphones from time to time, the printer tends to get overlooked. 

Be it the best colour printer in India from Canon or the most basic low cost laser printer with scanner, each printer needs to be given a little care from time to time. And don’t worry, this does not mean devoting multiple hours or visiting a service centre numerous times; just a few tips to follow and you are good to go: 

Do not let the ink nozzles get clogged 

Whether the printer is new or old, all inkjet printers tend to get clogged nozzles. Clogging takes place when the nozzles get blocked due to the ink drying up. The top way to evade this situation is to print regularly and keep them moist. Even if you do not have regular printing tasks, print a test page every few weeks. This helps the ink to move around the printer and prevent it from clogging. 

imageCLASS MF645Cx

Regularly cleaning of the printer

All printers have automatic cleaning functions that ensure the interiors remain clean. Use this function regularly. A little extra care would do no harm; printer cleaning kits are available & the kit consists of cleaning wipes, lens covers, and lubricant for the printer’s moving parts. Do not neglect the print head as that can significantly reduce the lifespan of the printer. 

Proper storage of the printer 

Most modern printers are intended to be durable,but how they are stored when not in use plays a key role in increasing their life span. A proper cover for the printer is something that you cannot do without.  Before you store the printer in the cover, switch it off, unplug it and wipe off any dust; fold the tray and ensure the printer is as compact as can be before you put it away. 

Don’t move the printer very often

Don’t move the printer around unless it is absolutely essential. If you do decide to move it, unplug all the chords and cables so they do not get snagged and get damaged or damage the printer. 

Use Fresh Paper

The paper that goes in and out of the printer comes in contact with sensitive components, make sure it is absolutely pristine. If the paper is dusty or has some particles on it, it could reach the insides of your printer and cause damage. 

The above tips should be used for all categories of printers ranging from the best Colour Printer in India to a low cost laser printer with scanner. Companies such as Canon have exclusive service centres for printer, copiers and fax machines; it is definitely a good idea to have the professionals deal with the printers from time to time. A small amount spent on servicing the printer will ensure good functionality of the device over a longer period of time. With regular servicing and following a few basic guidelines your printer won’t only last long but will also perform better.